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Award Winning Marketer, Author, Coach
Creator, Part Time Business Blueprint
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What others Are saying...

Mark Harbert:

Bob's really the guy you want to talk to when it comes to part-time stuff and learning to build a business while having other life responsibilities. He's just the guy. He knows how to do it.

Ferny Ceballos:

Bob is an expert at running full time businesses only part time, so he can definitely help you do the same. If your goal is to fire your boss, replace your income, or simply make some extra cash, Dr. Bob can definitely help. He receives my highest endorsement.

Brian Fanale

Bob Clarke most DEFINITELY is one of those TOP TIER LEADERS... been around for years who probably has more value than most mlm company top earners..

Angela Riley:

Thank you very much... I've been getting emails about people wanting to help me but you are the first one who seems genuine and honest!
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