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Are You Tired Of Feeling Confused, Overwhelmed
And Unfocused In Your Business?

What if you could grab some FREE PERSONAL COACHING TIME with a leader who's in the trenches and knows EXACTLY what you should do to get RESULTS in your business?

Does any of this sound familiar...

  • You're super busy and, when you finally get time for your business, you're not sure what to do
  • You're feeling confused, overwhelmed, and frustrated because others are having success and you're not. 
  • ​You wish you had a simple plan to follow that would make success inevitable if you followed it consistently.

If you said Yes to any of the boxes above, then I want to invite you to Apply for a Free 30 Minute Focus session

here's what you can expect to accomplish from your focus session
  • You'll get totally clear on exactly what you need to focus on to get results in your business so you'll know exactly what to do every time you sit down at your computer.
  • We will simplify your business by eliminating things you're doing now that don't serve you.
  • ​You'll come away with a clear ACTION PLAN and a strategy to implement it TODAY.
"When I started working with Dr. Bob, I had 90 days to turn things around. And I did!  And made my biggest commission yet!  Thanks, Dr. Bob!! "
- Tracy Erwin
New York
Working with Coach Bob has helped me to break through many mindset barriers and taught me how to reclaim every minute available throughout the day. Learning marketing skills and strategies with the mindset has enabled me to take on a five-store company to do their Facebook advertising as a freelancer after my day job 
- Baxter Cribbs
Working with Bob has allowed me to overcome my weaknesses and doubts and helped me to make and execute a plan to WIN -- to progress each week and get to where I want to be. Bob has taught me how to challenge myself ... and that I can CHANGE MY STORY! 
- Bill Conte
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I strongly urge you to take advantage of this free offer!